Fleet Management Software Solutions

More than simply GPS tracking and location awareness

Sales and fleet tracking, route optimization, real-time vehicle diagnostics, and business process automation allow you to increase operational efficiencies while decreasing TCO.


Bringing MapAnything Live GPS-mapping telematics into Salesforce increases fleet productivity across teams. Combine MapAnything’s core mapping software with MapAnything live to manage your entire fleet without losing insight into Compliance, safety, and TCO. With several hardware options available, you can easily choose the right fleet or asset tracking device for your need. Integration with GM, a no-hardware mobile version, and several options for OBDii devices gives you necessary flexibility.

Route Planning & Optimization

Leverage cross-object query functionality and unlimited, live-batch geocoding to plot up to 50,000 map markers at a time. Combining MapAnything’s core mapping software with MapAnything Guide allows you to plan multi-day routing that is optimized for maximum efficiency. Your teams will service more work orders, see more clients, and get more done with fewer miles.

Real-Time Diagnostics

With MapAnything Live, you can measure real-time or historical information based on vehicle location, distance traveled, hard-braking, rapid acceleration, speed, and stops, as well as full vehicle diagnostics such as fuel consumption, tire pressure, and engine life.

ELD Compliance

The ELD Mandate, created by the FMCSA to ensure driver safety, is one of the most important aspects of any fleet. By adding MapAnything Live to your core MapAnything service, you’ll be able to gather real-time diagnostic details for any vehicle within your fleet. Specifically for drivers, speed, hard-braking, drive time, distance traveled, and more are easily accessible for compliance reporting. MapAnything’s team of ELD Compliance experts can help you understand the new regulations and provide the right software solution for you.

“With MapAnything I can see right away where I need to develop new partnerships. It made everything so much more clear.”

Felix Brauer, Vice President of Sales, SOLARWATT

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