Account Based Marketing Solutions

Maximize reach while minimizing erroneous time expenses

Unlock location-based marketing in Salesforce to build effective campaigns and plan events and spend less time searching for the best targeted area.

Produce Targeted Campaigns

Utilize MapAnything Data in connection to MapAnything’s core mapping software to identify prospects and customers by targeted location demographic. Connected to your Salesforce, you can quickly build targeted marketing campaigns by identifying the territory, adding existing customers, and finding new customers with the combination of these three powerful platforms.

Distribute New Leads

Gather new leads generated from your targeted campaigns and assign individual or multiple leads to a salesperson or sales team with one click. Since all marketing campaign information easily flows from MapAnything applications into Salesforce, you are able to quickly update fields on thousands of records at once.

Analyze Performance Metrics

Proving marketing ROI has never been easier with convenient, simple-to-use key performance metrics tracking. Using MapAnything’s mapping software connected to Salesforce campaigns, you can easily see how your marketing campaign performed within specific customer geographic locations.

Streamline Event Planning

Plan events for maximum impact & exposure. By combining MapAnything’s mapping software, MapAnything Data, and the power of Salesforce, you are now able to leverage a map view of sales prospects and current customers in relation to potential venues based on distance and travel time for all attendees.

“With MapAnything we can do in a day (or hours) what would have taken us a month or longer to accomplish and we’re more accurate than ever before.”

Karen Stanovich, Herff Jones

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